E-GnomeICU is an Enlightenment epplet for controling GnomeICU.

Unless you're using your computer only to chat, it's impossible to use an ICQ client without a docking/notify area system.

How does it look like?
Not so nice but I like it. (It's functional). Maybe you can add some graphics and send me a patch :)

How does it works?
1st line just displays GnomeICU
2nd line GnomeICU status
3rd number of incoming messages, when > 0
4th number of online users
'play' button starts, displays or hides GnomeICU
'eject' button or clicking anywhere in the Epplet shows message window when you have incoming message(s)
'X' button closes the Epplet


How do I contact the author?
Please see README file included with source distribution. (feedback is greatly appreciated, bugreports and patches even more so)

SourceForge.net Logo see project summary

Dom Mai 18 10:04:21 BRT 2003